reese is horrifying 

reese is horrifying, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

good lord.


scavenger hunt! 

Here's your clue:

It's called "Do You Believe In Planets?" and it's NOT this blog.


brief interruption... 

Okay, Best Ofs will continue in a moment. First, I would like to submit the following complaint:

Portland's location is somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Utterly Fucked. It's fifty degrees and sunny, so I thought it strange when it began to drizzle. But now it decides to hail. And my poor kitty is outside somewhere.

Also, I went to get coffee this morning in preparation for writing approximately twenty pages today, and I ran into my professor whose graduate course on Foucault and Adorno was mistaken by the National Inquirer for a course on Britney Spears. He was up all night last night working on an article for the New York Times about Oregon health care. Apparently it's a collaborative effort with OR's former governor.

The man teaches in the English Department and the film department, gets published left and right on issues ranging from Lacon to film theory, plus he has a law degree. Can't he leave health care for someone else?

Over-achievers make me feel bad about myself. I think I'll apply for a job at Plaid Pantry this week.


Best of 2004 V 

road trip to bend, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

Best Punctured Tire of 2004: Rear Right During Road Trip to Bend

Best of 2004 IV 

GuffAW!, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

Most Obvious Appreciation of the fact that "we ain't the ones gettin' hitched" Caught On Film in 2004


Best Guffaw By Non-Inbred Contestant of 2004

BEST OF 2004 Part III 

BF and KD, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

kim, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

pixies, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

BEST SHOW of 2004: The Pixies in Bend, Oregon.


"BEST OF" 2004 Continued: 

kaboom, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

Beset Volcanic Eruption Witnessed From an Airplane

2004 draw to a close: let MY "best ofs" begin 

hooooola hooooooop, originally uploaded by thelizabeth.

BEST Photo Involving Two Scowls, One Hula Hoop, and One Gun-totin' Child of 2004


just what I needed--a night worth blogging for 

Best DJ EVER. On the playlist:

The Cars
The Faint
Melt Banana
Depeche Mode
Joy Division
The Pixies
Motley Crue

That's all I can account for at this time.

I danced my ass off.

Alcohol intake? Let's just say it took me five tries to type "playlist."


Sunday night blues? Puh-leez 

Weekends mean nothing to me.

Hair: red.

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